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  • Since 20yrs I had severe back pain. Even after taking pain killers and several injections I had sharp & deep back pain. But after 2 sessions of VAX-D in Mumbai,believe me my back pain is GONE! My friends and colleagues also notice my movements and the way I walk. Thank you ANSSI.
    --Mohammed Quadri, Tanzania, 55yrs, East Africa

  • I had severe back pain since 30 years. Without painkillers I was not getting sleep every night. That affected my whole life. After VAX-D treatment in Mumbai, I can sleep without medicines.
    --Jean Marc Chisen, Refinery Project Manager, 45yrs, Canada

  • My both hands and fingers were paining badly and were not able to even move properly. Within a week of VAX-D treatment hands movements and fingers were free without any pain. Thank you Dr.Sarika for VAX-D great treatment.
    --Mr. Pillai, 55yrs, Welder, Berlin

  • I was advised for back surgery by different doctors in Mumbai & Pune. I had difficulty to stand, walk, sit or sleep also. After VAX-D treatment, I’m filing much better, without medicines, without Injection and without Surgery. I would recommend VAX-D treatment to everyone just once before surgery.
    --Ashish Bagate, 44yrs, Software Engineer

  • I’m living pain free life because of VAX-D Spinal Decompression treatment. Thanks to ANSSI team without surgery you made me to do daily life activity pain free.
    --Sandeep Gaikwad, 40yrs, Sales Head, Goregaon

  • One day I got collapse due to severe back pain. Finally doctor suggested surgery is the last option. But within 2-3 days of VAX-D treatment my pain is gone. I recommend every back and neck pain patients should take one session before think of spine surgery.
    --AnandBurudkar, 30yrs, Software Engineer, Pune

  • It’s a remarkable improvement in my walking and now pain free movements. Thanks to ANSSI.
    --Dr.Appasaheb Kadam, 59yrs, Superintendent, ESIS Hospt

  • In very first session with VAX-D I felt “YES THIS IS the treatment I WANTED FOR” I felt tremendous relief and that increased my confidence level. Yes I can live life without pain.
    --Mr.YuvrajBaisane, Registrar, 45yrs, New Mumbai

  • I had severe back pain since 8yrs. Life was miserable. I was in deep depression that affected my family life too. I had suicidal thoughts due to severe back pain. But VAX-D treatment gave me new life. Now I’m living pain free life with family.
    --Mrs. PratibhaGhatge, Nurse, 44yrs, KEM Hospital

  • Due to long hours sitting job, my back pain increased and I was not able to sit, walk or stand properly. Other doctor advised me surgery. I had to take pain killer every day. But thanks to ANSSI, Now I’m not taking pain killer and no need of surgery. I’m pain free now.
    --Anil Pawar, Govt. 40yrs, Employee, Sindhudurg

  • My back was hurting very badly. Very experienced doctor found solution that only surgery that’s the option. Through one of my friend I came to know VAX-D treatment in India. I took VAX-D treatment. I was very comfortable while treatment. I think everyone has spine problem those people needs to take VAX-D treatment.
    --Mrs. ChandralekhaJaichandran, 55yrs, Interior Designer, Kerala

  • Due to my back pain I have got treatment in different hospitals. But I never got relief. I didn’t want to be on bed to end my life. VAX-D treatment really helped to do my daily activities. Thank you ANSSI and best wishes for this work
    --Mrs. MohanaShendge, 75yrs, Retired Mistress, Kolhapur.

  • I had severe back pain. I used to take pain killers, tractions and multiple spine injections but didn’t get relief. My nephew suggested ANSSI and I got VAX-D treatment. I’m pain free now and I feel strongly every back pain patient should take VAX-D treatment and avoid surgery.
    --Mr. PanditParad, Retired, 64yrs, New Mumbai.

  • I had severe back pain radiating towards both legs. I was not able to get off from bed also. With the VAX-D treatment I can stand, walk and sit without pain.
    --Mr. RamchandraSawant, 79yrs, Goa.

  • I had severe back pain when I was on ship. There was not pain killer for few days. I reached near port at Singapore and got traction and treatment for six days. I was deported to India and continued same treatment in India. VAX-D helped me lot. Thank you Dr.Sarika. I would say “I have got a new life”
    --Mr.Saad Shaikh, 35yrs, ShipingPersonnel , Thane.

Welcome to ANSSI -Spine Care

ANSSI is the first institute to introduce VAX- D treatment in India in 2012.VAX-D-the nonsurgical treatment for chronic back and neck pain. It has become a standard of care for chronic spinal pain, and a leading alternative to surgery.The treatment is an effective, safe and cost-effective procedure without the risks associated with drugs, surgery, injections or anesthesia.

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Daily more than 3000 patients taking VAX-D treatment.-VAX-D treatment is making headlines nationwide and we`re thrilled to brought this technology to First time in India in 2012.We are working with American Doctors. and we are treating  patients not only  from India but also treated patients from Canada,Brazil, East Africa,China.....

Dr. Allan Dyer
MD, PhD, VAX-D inventor and President VAX-D medical Technology

Dr. Joseph
Spine Specialist(USA) ANSSI President
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