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Dr.Allan Dyer, MD,PhD, VAX-D inventor and President VAX-D medical Technology.
Invention Born of Necessity
How one doctors's injury brought about the invention of VAX-D

Meet Dr.Allan Dyer, M.D,PhD. , the inventor and founder of the revolutionary VAX-D technology. Dr.Dyer and his associates have consistenly remained on the forefront of innovative medicine. As former Deputy Minister of helath in Ontario, Canada. Dr.Dyer's many contributions to health sciences include his extensive research that led to the development of one of the most vital medical tools used in every hospital emergency room around the world, the heart defibrillator.

Dr.Dyer's own experience with back pain began with a herninated disc that proved to be so debilitating as to continue him to wheelchair. After conventional treatments failed, Dr.Dyer was driven to create a solutionof his own and formulated the theories that led to the design and development with a team of physicians, engineers, and technicians at major teaching hospitals, Dr.Dyer introduced VAX-D in 1991. Today there are over 500 VAX-D units operating throughout the world. The number of patients currently treated bt VAX-D exceeds 3000 per day.

Dr.Joseph Cammarata, President ANSSI

Dr. Cammarata has accumulated over thirty years of success as an entrepreneur in the field of alternative medicine with specialization in VAX-D treatment since 1989.

He is currently the director of NonSurgical Solutions, a multi-disciplinary health care facility in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Cammarata’s professional awards include the MMS Chiropractor of the Year, The Pennsylvania Chiropractic Society Award of Merit, and The American Chiropractic Association Health Awareness Award.

Dr. Cammarata is also a fellow of The American Back Society, charter member of the National Institute of Chiropractic Research, member of the American Academy of Clinical Applied Biomechanical Society, a member of the Parker Chiropractic Foundation, and a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Society.

Jordan Cammarata, Business Development Director

Jordan Cammarata joined the team in September of 2012 after writing American NonSurgical Spine Institute's business plan. With a background in design and project development, Mr. Cammarata has brought his vision and design skill-set to bring Vax-D Medical Technology to India. In the past, Jordan has developed products for Omniwind Energy Systems, Armstrong World Industries and Philips Healthcare.

Mr. Dinesh Dalvi, Managing Director & Founder ANSSI

Mr. Dinesh Dalvi has worked as an assistant project officer at NYK Mumbai, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India. His visionary leadership skills help him to work as a Capacity Building Officer with “Positive Speakers Academy” a UNICEF funded project in the field of HIV and AIDS. Since 2006, he has worked in the USA as a Mental Health Therapist, Psychotherapist, and Behavioral Specialist Consultant in the field of Drug & Alcohol, Mental Health and Behavioral Specialist Consultant in Autism.He got vax-d training from Dr.Allan Dyer.He is a Back Safety instructor & consultant for business and industry.